gri mini

Web'e ilk adım

₺499.00 $19.00

  • Quota 1 GB
  • Bandwidth 32 GB
  • Subdomain 1
  • Addon İzni 0
  • E-posta 3
  • MySQL 3
  • CPU 10

gri standart


₺999.00 $31.00

  • Quota 2 GB
  • Bandwidth 64 GB
  • Subdomain 3
  • Addon İzni 10
  • E-posta 10
  • MySQL 10
  • CPU 10

gri kobi

İşletmeler için

₺1499.00 $57.00

  • Quota 5 GB
  • Bandwidth 128 GB
  • Subdomain 5
  • Addon İzni 20
  • E-posta Limitless
  • MySQL Limitless
  • CPU 15

gri kurumsal

Grup şirketler ve büyük firmalar için

₺1999.00 $76.00

  • Quota 10 GB
  • Bandwidth 256 GB
  • Subdomain 10
  • Addon İzni 25
  • E-posta Limitless
  • MySQL Limitless
  • CPU 20


Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted service with 99.99% uptime guarantee!


You can choose the PHP version and modules you want for your hosting account, so you can run all the PHP software easily.


You can install over 300 content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal with one click..


We provide free transfer support for your website on your old hosting account.


All of our hosting packages were delivered for 7 days unconditionally if you don't stay after you've purchased them.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • Can I host websites with all kinds of content on my hosting account?

    You can use our hosting service for websites with content from every kind unless it is contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.
    We do not provide hosting services for websites in the betting and adult content category.

  • I am getting hosting service from a different company. How can I move it to Gri?

    After your purchase, you can contact our support team for a free transfer of your hosting account at your current company.

  • What programming technologies can I run on my hosting account?

    In our Linux web hosting service, you can run web software using technologies such as Php, MySQL, Html & Css, Javascript, Ajax.
    Our servers are compatible with all Php-based open source software. (For example: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Presta, Opencart, Magento.)
    You should choose Windows Hosting service for your projects. Our Windows web hosting service will be available in the upcoming days.

  • Can I return the hosting service I purchased?

    You can return it within 7 days without any reason and get your refund.

  • Do you have an automatic backup system on your servers?

    Weekly backups are taken as standard on all our servers. You can instantly return to the backup one week ago whenever you want.

  • Where are your servers?

    Our web servers Turkey, Netherlands, is situated in various locations such as England and France.
    You can purchase a hosting package according to your location preference.