Virtual POS Integration Packages for E-commerce Sites of Any Scale

Determine your package. Pay only for the features you need.

For single pos
standard virtual pos integration
Multiple pos integration
and payment routing
Multiple pos integration
and advanced features

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₺ 3000 / posINCLUDING TAX
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₺ 4000 / posINCLUDING TAX
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Virtual POS Integration 1 POS Optional Optional
Installment Payment Support
3D Secure Support
Foreign Currency Payment Support
Quick Checkout Support
Payment Form Design Option 1 piece 2 pieces 2 pieces
POS Management (Payment is received from the relevant pos according to the specified criteria)
Cancellation / Refund / Partial Refund Support
Free Setup
Access Time to Updates 12 months 18 months 24 months
Free Technical Support Package 90 days 120 days 180 days
Support Request Maximum Response Time 5 hours 3 hours 1 hour


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • Is it possible to switch between packages?

    You can always switch between packages
    When you want to switch from the lower packages to the upper packages, the price difference between the packages will be invoiced to you as an upgrade fee.
    Transfer fees between packages are as follows:

    - Standard => SME : 1000 TL
    - Standard => Corporate : 2000 TL
    - SME => Corporate : 1000 TL

  • We want to use the virtual pos of more than one bank at the same time on our website, which package should we buy?

    Thanks to the Multiple POS System support included in SME and Corporate packages, more than one virtual pos can be used on the same website.
    You can buy one of the SME or Corporate packages. Pricing is made according to the number of pos included in the system.
    For example, when you want to buy a SME package for virtual pos belonging to 2 banks; your service will be invoiced as 1499 TL x 2 = 2998 TL.
    In cases where more than one virtual pos is used on the same website, licenses of all banks must be purchased in the same package.

  • We use more than one virtual pos on our website. Can we determine which transactions will be withdrawn from which virtual pos?

    Thanks to the Payment Routing Payment Routing feature included in SME and Corporate packages, you can route the relevant virtual pos according to the criteria you set for payments.
    For example,
    - Using Garanti BBVA virtual pos for Bonus cards and Yapı Kredi virtual pos for World cards.
    - Withdrawing from the relevant virtual pos according to the lower or upper limit amount you will determine (such as Akbank virtual pos for transactions over 1000 TL)
    - Withdrawing from the virtual pos you will determine according to the customer country (such as Türkiye İş Bankası for Britain, France, Italy)
    - Providing the virtual pos you will specify for all single shooting transactions.

  • We want to make a cancellation/refund transaction on our website without logging into the bank virtual pos system. which package should we buy?

    The payment form options included in the corporate package offer this feature. You can add this feature to your website by purchasing a corporate package.

  • Is the module compatible with the popular OpenCart theme Journal? Is there Quick Checkout support?

    Our virtual pos integration modules are compatible with Journal theme and Quick Checkout.

  • We will order for a large number of virtual pos integrations. Can you apply a discount?

    - 10% for 5+ add-on/module orders,
    - Additional 3% discount on money order/EFT payments is implemented.
    If your order meets these conditions; You can take advantage of discounts.